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Carbohydrate Modification

DEPOL® custom enzyme solutions are used as processing aids for the modification of carbohydrates to provide flavour, colour and texture.

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DEPOL® carbohydrate modifications
Enzymes are natural and powerful processing aids used to access valuable functionality in the production of natural sweeteners. Within the healthy carbohydrate market, enzymes can be used to assist in the release of natural sugar molecules from plant material, enhance the sweetness properties, produce bulking agents and prebiotics from simple sugars.
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Sugar reduction reduced
Case Study
Novel enzyme used in carbohydrate modification produced in partnership with sugar reduction company.
Working in close partnership we were able to rapidly scale up their process to produce the enzyme at commercial volumes enabling them to reduce the time to market for their unique offering into this exciting fast-moving sector.
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30 Aug 2019
Growing Trends in Using Seaweed and Macroalgae for Novel Products
Seaweed has long been utilised as a foodstuff in Asia, however in the last few years there is a growing interest in the food industry for exploring the utilisation of seaweed and macroalgae in producing clean label ingredients.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes in Vanilla Extraction
Vanilla extraction as an example of how enzymes can be used to increase the yield of botanical extracts.
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31 Jan 2019
Enzyme Technology to Address the Challenge of Sugar Reduction
Healthy carbohydrates and sugar reduction have been hot topics for many years now. Chemically synthesized artificial sweeteners and bulking agents have been used for many years to try and address the need to reduce sugar consumption, however they are generally perceived negatively by consumers, enzymes could have the answer.
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2nd yeast extract on toast
20 Dec 2018
Yeast Market Grows as Consumers want Clean Labelled Food Products
The yeast market is both fragmented and competitive, but due to an increasing demand from consumers for clean label products, yeast is becoming a high value ingredient.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes in Yeast Extraction
The yeast extraction process with recommendations to achieve the best possible extraction.
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FV Products
21 Jun 2018
Improve Yield, Clarity and Stability of Fruit Juice with the use of Enzymes
Extraction of fruit and vegetable juice involves maceration followed by pressing or decanting to separate juice from solids. Enzymes can play a key role in improving the efficiency of these processes to achieve high quality juices.
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Related Products
Depol 40L
A broad-spec­trum endo-car­bo­hy­drase for use in effec­tive mac­er­a­tion of botan­i­cal tis­sue for the effi­cient extrac­tion of active flavours from their bound inac­tive forms.
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Depol 761P
Spe­cialised car­bo­hy­drase with no detectable side activ­i­ties ide­al for use in sol­u­ble fibre extraction.
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Depol 793L
A mul­ti-func­tion­al enzyme con­tain­ing beta-glu­canase, pecti­nase and cel­lu­lase activ­i­ties to deliv­er max­i­mum mac­er­a­tion of plant tis­sues for a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent applications.
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Glucose Oxidase 789L
This enzyme catal­y­ses the oxi­da­tion of glu­cose with oxy­gen to form glu­conate and hydro­gen per­ox­ide to improve prod­uct shelf life. De-sug­ar­ing prod­ucts can also pre­vent brown­ing caused by the Mail­lard reaction.
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Pectinase 62L
High poly­galac­tur­onase (PG) to pecin lyase (PL) ratio, ide­al for break­ing down struc­tur­al pectins to improve fruit and veg­etable juice yields.
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Pectinase 831L
Pecti­nase prepa­ra­tion sta­ble at low pH con­di­tions for the de-pec­tin­i­sa­tion of fruit juices to improve juice yields, flavour recov­ery and rapid juice clarification.
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Pectinase 947L
Unique pecti­nase prepa­ra­tion with high poly­galac­tur­onase (PG) to pectin lyase (PL) ratio for effec­tive diges­tion of sol­u­ble and insol­u­ble pectins to improve the yields in juice extraction.
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