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25 May 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG publishes half year report with strong results remaining on solid growth path
Parent company, BRAIN Biotech AG today published its half year results, 6M 2022/2023, remaining on track to deliver on its full year financial targets and accelerates exciting growth strategy.
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24 May 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG gains full ownership of Biocatalysts Ltd and accelerates execution of its One-BioProducts Strategy
BRAIN Biotech AG has bought the two remaining minority stakes in Biocatalysts Ltd, Wales. Biocatalysts is now fully owned by BRAIN Biotech AG, the parent company of the BRAIN Biotech Group, and will form the nucleus of the Group’s ambitious growth strategy to create a global multi-niche enzyme champion.
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16 May 2023
The Role of Nuclease 46L in Degrading Nucleic Acids
Nucleic acids are fundamental in many industrial biotechnology processes. However, its presence can be undesirable in certain applications. Removal of any contaminating residual nucleic acids can reduce these impurities and result in a higher quality end product.
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Biocatalysts IFT v4 pdf Page 1
We're exhibiting at IFT First in Chicago
Join us on the 17th - 19th of July in Chicago for IFT First's annual event and expo
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Pineapple Bromelain
1 May 2023
Bromelain: Powerful proteolytic enzyme
The unique combination of proteolytic activities makes Bromelain a real workhorse enzyme across numerous industries, from dairy protein hydrolysates and meat tenderisation in the food industry, to beer clarification and even pharmaceutical and dietary supplements.
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WBA23 Finalist Social Media Tool Kit
27 Mar 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd Finalists for Wales Business Award
We're proud to announce that we've been shortlisted by Wales Business Awards for the category 'Global Business of the Year'.
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2 Mar 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Nuclease for the growing precision fermentation market
Nuclease 46L has been designed specifically as a cost-effective solution for the elimination of nucleic acids in a wide range of biotechnology applications.
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BRAIN Biotech AG Capital Markets Day 2023 high res
27 Feb 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG to build an international multi-niche enzyme and food ingredients champion
With the enzyme activities of the group focusing on food, beverage and healthcare, combined with BRAIN Biotech's strong scientific roots, the Group are well positioned to service global megatrends from the production of better and healthier foods to sustainable industrialisation.
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BRAIN Biotech Annual Report 21 22 Cover low res KL
16 Jan 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG reports record figures in fiscal year 2021/22
Despite a challenging geopolitical environment, BRAIN Biotech announce strong sales laying the foundations for ongoing future dynamic growth.
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Biocatalysts Certificate logo
18 Nov 2022
Biocatalysts awarded in Top 10 Synthetic Biology Companies 2022 by Life Sciences Review!
We're very pleased to receive this esteemed award from Life Sciences Review in their annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Synthetic Biology solutions and transforming businesses.
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13371 Biocats 10 3 11 00062 Mayonnaise Egg
Application Solution
Improving Emulsifying Properties of Eggs
Eggs are a valuable food source providing a natural source of many nutrients including high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, that are essential for healthy body growth and development.
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Application Solution
Enzymes for Superior Palatability of Pet Food
Combinations of proteases and lipases can be used to hydrolyse meat by-products and plant-based proteins to produce palatants. Palatants are flavours specifically produced by enzymically breaking down animal fats and proteins to give a sensory boost to pet food.
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Screenshot 2022 10 19 121503
25 Jul 2022
Precision Fermentation – a bio-based route to alternative protein
Nutrition in industrialised countries will move away from meat and dairy consumption towards alternative sources of protein and foods. These will rely on plants, microorganisms and cell cultures. Biotechnology will be the key enabler. This is where we come in.
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Charles deluvio EYW Zp U Ja Yw unsplash 1
Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes for Improving Foaming Properties of Egg Whites
The main functional property of egg white is its high foaming capacity useful in a wide range of food applications.
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28 Mar 2022
The Future of Pet Food Ingredients
Like the food industry, the pet food industry is undergoing significant investment and innovation. But what is driving change in the pet food industry?
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14 Dec 2021
How is Precision Fermentation Accelerating Food Innovation?
Microbial- or precision fermentation is a technology that has been widely used in different industries for decades. It is known to be very scalable using different microbes to produce ingredients at large volumes.
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9 Dec 2021
How Enzymes Can Add Value To Your Food Waste By-Products
With consumers changing attitude towards sustainability, a growing understanding of the impact manufacturing has on the environment and climate change businesses are reacting and are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint.
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L888 MDP petfood Biocatalysts
29 Nov 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Protease Preparation for the Valorisation of Animal Waste Protein
Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme, Promod® 324L, extending their range of enzymes for the pet food industry.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes for Dairy Flavour Enhancement
Enzymes have been used for centuries to produce flavour in dairy products. Traditionally flavour is generated by enzymes produced from microflora present in cheese, butter, or cream and time is required for these complex flavours to evolve. In more recent times the addition of exogenous (external source) enzymes to immature cheese, butter oil or cream has been used to speed this process up intensifying the flavour in hours and days instead of weeks and months.
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14 Oct 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd Announce Plans for Further Investment for Second 10m³ Fermenter in Cardiff
The introduction of a second 10m³ fermenter enables Biocatalysts Ltd.’s manufacturing site in Cardiff to act as a pilot plant for medium-scale production and optimised tech-transfer for larger industrial scale fermentation.
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Sugar reduction reduced
Case Study
Novel enzyme used in carbohydrate modification produced in partnership with sugar reduction company.
Working in close partnership we were able to rapidly scale up their process to produce the enzyme at commercial volumes enabling them to reduce the time to market for their unique offering into this exciting fast-moving sector.
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Biocatalysts Ltd 2021 EMP Full Facility
11 Aug 2021
Project Completion & Successful Commissioning of Biocatalysts Ltd's New Enzyme Manufacturing Facility
Operations Director, Craig Galeozzie provides a final update following the successful project completion and commissioning of the new state-or-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility.
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Application Solution
Lipomod® 4MDP Dairy Flavour Technical Summary
Lipomod® 4MDP has been specifically designed to be used in the manufacture of Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients (EMDIs), including Enzyme Modified Cheese (EMC) and Lipolysed Butter Oil (LBO).
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19 Jul 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd Launch a Unique Enzyme for the Dairy Flavour Market at IFT F.I.R.S.T
Biocatalysts Ltd will be launching Lipomod® 4MDP (L004MDP) at IFT F.I.R.S.T. a unique enzyme for the dairy flavour market.
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11 Jun 2021
From Vegetarian for a Day to a True Vegan Lifestyle
Dr Patrick Lorenz, Senior Business Development Manager at BRAIN AG, provides his insights into a market innovating to cater for diverse dietary preferences.
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Biocats website Market Sectors
13 May 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd First Commercial Production in New Enzyme Manufacturing Facility
Key milestone achieved with the first product fermented and processed in the state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility is delivered to the customer.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes in Dairy Protein Hydrolysates
Whey and casein protein hydrolysates are valuable ingredients with nutritional and functional benefits.
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Biocatalysts Infant Formula Dairy
30 Apr 2021
The Role of Dairy Proteins in Foods for Special Medical Purposes
The exceptional nutritional value and abundance of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in dairy proteins means they still have a considerable role to play in the development of nutritional products and foods, especially in foods for special medical purposes (FSMP).
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Whey protein pic 3
24 Apr 2021
New Enzyme Product for Casein Hydrolysis
Launch of a highly efficient exopeptidase for achieving >40% degree of hydrolysis in casein protein to improve its solubility and digestibility.
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Adobe Stock Egg 02
Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes in Egg Processing
Eggs are a valuable food source providing a natural source of many nutrients including high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, that are essential for healthy body growth and development.
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Cracked eggs 1
10 Feb 2021
Biocatalysts Launch Lipomod® 833L2 for Egg Processing Market
Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme Lipomod® 833L2, a microbial phospholipase A2 enzyme.
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Strain expression wheel 1
Case Study
Introducing a NEW Expression Host – Yarrowia lipolytica
Expression strain developments increase Biocatalysts' enzyme development and manufacture service offering
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16 Dec 2020
Microbial Alternative to Papain Launched for Pet Food Market
Microbial alternative to papain with a broad substrate specificity for efficient hydrolysis of meat and fish protein for pet food palatant production.
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Food produce crop agriculture healthy seeds 1015758 pxhere com
10 Dec 2020
What's Driving the Trend in the Evolution of Plant-Based Food Products?
European Sales Manager, Blanca Camarasa shares her thoughts and learnings from attending Bridge2Foods Plant-Based Summit
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Global Awards FOODDRINK 2020
4 Nov 2020
Winners of Prestigious IChemE Global Food & Drink Award 2020
IChemE have selected Biocatalysts Ltd in partnership with University College London (UCL) as the winners of the prestigious IChemE Global Food & Drink Award 2020, for our submission – Ultra Scale-Down Accelerates Industrial Enzyme Manufacture.
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Adobe Stock Life Science 03
Case Study
Developing a Cost-effective Alternative to Proteinase K
Developing an enzyme which achieves the same application performance as liquid Proteinase K at the same protein concentration.
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Biocats website Life Sciences 2
1 Sept 2020
Biocatalysts Ltd Launch Proteocut K to the Life Science Market
The first enzyme jointly developed with BRAIN AG, is a high-quality cost-effective alternative to liquid Proteinase K.
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Application Solution
Versatile Enzyme for Hydrolysis and Esterification Reactions
How lipases from Candid rugosa can be used for the selective hydrolysis of fatty acids to produce flavours and play a key role in rearranging fatty acids in triglycerides.
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18 Jun 2020
Biocatalysts’ Various Protein Production Hosts for Optimising Expression
At Biocatalysts we are able to offer highly versatile protein production hosts to address our customers’ needs and develop our own novel enzymes.
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29 May 2020
Biocatalysts Ltd Launch New Lipase for the Hydrolysis & Esterification of Oils & Fats
Lipases can be used to selectively hydrolyse triglycerides to liberate free fatty acids, Lipomod® 767P is a robust lipase enzyme that can hydrolyse short, medium and long chain fatty acids at all 3 positions on the triglyceride backbone.
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29 May 2020
Using Lipases to Produce Nutritional Food Ingredients
Nutritional food ingredients take many shapes and forms, each delivering its own unique benefits to consumers. Lipases can be used to selectively hydrolyse fatty acids to improve the nutritional value of oil and fat substrates.
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6 Apr 2020
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Microbial Alternative to Pancreatic Lipase for Pet Food Market
The latest addition to Biocatalysts range of microbial enzymes for savoury flavour generation for pet food ingredient production.
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Biocats website About us 2
Case Study
Partnering with a Global Pharmaceutical Company for Large Scale Enzyme Manufacturing
A large pharmaceutical company needed an enzyme manufacturing partner to develop their enzymes from lab to commercial scales.
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27 Jan 2020
Challenges of Plant Proteins in Replacing Animal Proteins
Proteins form a significant part of ingredients used in the food industry. Plant proteins are an obvious choice as substitutes to meat, egg, gelatine and milk are not easy however they do come with their challenges.
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Shutterstock 243627109
Case Study
Development of a Polymerase for Genotyping
Scaling-up and manufacturing a customers bespoke DNA polymerase enzyme and co-development of a suitable enzyme activity assay.
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Assay Plate
Case Study
Improving a Customer's Enzyme Assay to ensure Product Viability
A robust assay that can be validated is an important part of any enzyme development process or technical transfer of an enzyme to a new manufacturing facility.
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Shutterstock 323086574
30 Aug 2019
Growing Trends in Using Seaweed and Macroalgae for Novel Products
Seaweed has long been utilised as a foodstuff in Asia, however in the last few years there is a growing interest in the food industry for exploring the utilisation of seaweed and macroalgae in producing clean label ingredients.
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Adobe Stock Vanilla 01
Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes in Vanilla Extraction
Vanilla extraction as an example of how enzymes can be used to increase the yield of botanical extracts.
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IMG 20181106 093114569 3
Case Study
Dramatically Improving Enzyme Recovery using Ultra-Scale Down Techniques
Optimisation of downstream processing is just as important as optimising the fermentation process itself to increase the recovery of the enzyme.
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Biocats website Productionhall 3
Case Study
Rapid Technology Transfer for Large Scale Fermentation
A chemical manufacturer needed an alternative partner to manufacture their enzyme. The transition to the new facility needed to happen rapidly due to an unforeseen change in circumstances.
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Shutterstock 294387401 2
29 Apr 2019
The Use of Enzymes in Nutraceuticals
Enzymes are frequently used, whether in digestive aid supplements, production of protein peptides or hydrolysates as healthy ingredients and even to produce Omega 3s with greater nutritional content.
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Queens Award
23 Apr 2019
Winners of Prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation
This prestigious award is in recognition of Biocatalysts’ drive and enlightened approach to providing the best enzyme solutions to their customers, through development of a bespoke software system MetXtra™, capable of screening millions of sequences to identify new enzymes in just a few hours.
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Plant protein
Application Solution
Superior Benefits of Enzymes in the Production of Plant Protein Hydrolysates
Protease enzymes can be used to modify flavour, improve solubility and reduce the molecular weight of different types of plant proteins including wheat gluten, pea, potato to increase their versatility as an ingredient in food products.
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Logo LIPES Q wht bg centered
Case Study
Development of a Novel Lipase for European Funded Horizon 2020 Project LIPES
Identifying a greener and more sustainable solution for the modification of different vegetable oils to produce a range of fatty acids.
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Shutterstock 751536265
31 Jan 2019
Enzyme Technology to Address the Challenge of Sugar Reduction
Healthy carbohydrates and sugar reduction have been hot topics for many years now. Chemically synthesized artificial sweeteners and bulking agents have been used for many years to try and address the need to reduce sugar consumption, however they are generally perceived negatively by consumers, enzymes could have the answer.
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2nd yeast extract on toast
20 Dec 2018
Yeast Market Grows as Consumers want Clean Labelled Food Products
The yeast market is both fragmented and competitive, but due to an increasing demand from consumers for clean label products, yeast is becoming a high value ingredient.
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Case Study
Successful Completion of REACH Application for Agrichemical Enzyme
The science behind enzyme discovery and development is getting faster and faster and in turn the regulatory hurdles are getting bigger in comparison.
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13371 Biocats 10 3 11 00095
10 Nov 2018
Enzymes for Developing Cheese Flavours
Different combinations of lipase and protease enzymes can be used to produce complex and unique dairy flavours to enhance and add value to your ingredients.
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Shutterstock 149294300
Case Study
Successful Development of a New Enzyme using Pichia Pastoris
Producing a bespoke lipase for use in an innovative new application for fat and oil processing in the food industry.
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Adobe Stock Yeast 01
Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes in Yeast Extraction
The yeast extraction process with recommendations to achieve the best possible extraction.
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FV Products
21 Jun 2018
Improve Yield, Clarity and Stability of Fruit Juice with the use of Enzymes
Extraction of fruit and vegetable juice involves maceration followed by pressing or decanting to separate juice from solids. Enzymes can play a key role in improving the efficiency of these processes to achieve high quality juices.
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Shutterstock 151417415
21 May 2018
Five Ways Enzymes can Improve your Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Whey protein is a valuable ingredient adding many health benefits to the various products it is incorporated into. Enzymes are a simple yet effective way of improving existing whey products to keep up with current food trends.
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