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Biocatalysts is a biotechnology company with a global reach producing speciality enzymes at commercial scales for a variety of industries. Biocatalysts has used its wide range of technical, commercial and regulatory capabilities to develop #BiobasedValue for our customers.

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Application Solution
Enzymatic Hydrolysis for the Production of Collagen Peptides
Collagen is an extremely functional and valuable protein, with many perceived health benefits. The functionality of collagen can be further enhanced through hydrolysis by action of proteolytic enzymes for use in a wide number of applications.
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30 Aug 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG publishes solid 9M numbers
Despite further challenging economic conditions and continued R&D investments, parent company, BRAIN Biotech AG today published solid numbers in its 9M 2022/2023 results.
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22 Aug 2023
The Role of Enzymes in Food Sustainability
The food we eat and how its produced affects not only our health, but also the environment. There is a lengthy process that comes with getting food products from farm to supermarket including planting, growing, processing, transporting, developing, preparing, and consuming.
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26 Jul 2023
Building on 40 Years of Excellence: Biocatalysts Ltd Unveils Exciting Growth Initiatives for the Future
Celebrating the significant milestone coupled with the official opening of state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Biocatalysts Ltd reflects on the successes of the last 40 years and looks forward to the exciting plans for the future.
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3 Jul 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd Launch Protease Preparation for the Manufacture of High Value Collagen Peptides
Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme, Promod® 128L, developed specifically with a unique formulation of endopeptidase activities for the effective hydrolysis of extracted collagen in producing neutral tasting collagen peptides.
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21 Jun 2023
Gluten-free labelling of foods, what does that mean for food enzymes?
Enzymes are often used as a processing aid in the production of food ingredients. No longer active in the final food product how does the FDA ruling on gluten-free foods affect food enzymes manufactured using growth media containing gluten?
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5 Jun 2023
Using enzymes to unlock the value hidden within plants
Enzyme-assisted extraction enables the effective break down of carbohydrates and starches within plant cell walls to release valuable colour, flavour and aroma compounds.
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25 May 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG publishes half year report with strong results remaining on solid growth path
Parent company, BRAIN Biotech AG today published its half year results, 6M 2022/2023, remaining on track to deliver on its full year financial targets and accelerates exciting growth strategy.
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24 May 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG gains full ownership of Biocatalysts Ltd and accelerates execution of its One-BioProducts Strategy
BRAIN Biotech AG has bought the two remaining minority stakes in Biocatalysts Ltd, Wales. Biocatalysts is now fully owned by BRAIN Biotech AG, the parent company of the BRAIN Biotech Group, and will form the nucleus of the Group’s ambitious growth strategy to create a global multi-niche enzyme champion.
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Application Solution
The Role of Nuclease 46L in Degrading Nucleic Acids
Nucleic acids are fundamental in many industrial biotechnology processes. However, its presence can be undesirable in certain applications. Removal of any contaminating residual nucleic acids can reduce these impurities and result in a higher quality end product.
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Pineapple Bromelain
1 May 2023
Bromelain: Powerful proteolytic enzyme
The unique combination of proteolytic activities makes Bromelain a real workhorse enzyme across numerous industries, from dairy protein hydrolysates and meat tenderisation in the food industry, to beer clarification and even pharmaceutical and dietary supplements.
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WBA23 Finalist Social Media Tool Kit
27 Mar 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd Finalists for Wales Business Award
We're proud to announce that we've been shortlisted by Wales Business Awards for the category 'Global Business of the Year'.
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