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Customised Enzyme Development and Manufacture

Are you looking to develop your own unique enzyme? Biocatalysts offer a flexible, unique and fully certified contract development and fermentation concept at different processing scales to a multitude of clients from diverse industries.

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It starts with Discovery.
Enzyme discovery marks the start of the journey for novel enzyme development. Our low-risk concept starts with fully understanding your needs and processes, before identifying the appropriate gene sequence to perform an initial proof-of-concept fermentation of your new enzyme.
Desk feasibility
The first stage in this process involves assessing the feasibility of the whole project, both technically and commercially. As an enzyme development and manufacturing company, our overall aim is to partner with you towards a continuous supply of your desired novel enzyme at the right price.
Biocatalysts Enzyme Discovery

Our commercially focused approach from concept to routine manufacture of bespoke enzyme products enables us to mitigate risks by developing an enzyme process that is technically and commercially robust. We call this our “Design for Manufacture” approach. The effectiveness of our “Design for Manufacture” approach is highlighted here as the sample will be developed using techniques which are fully scalable. These projects are run by a team of qualified project managers together with PhD level molecular biologists and fermentation scientists.

Bioinformatics, cloning & metagenomics
Find the right enzyme for your process by using Biocatalysts’ in-house enzyme discovery technology: MetXtra™
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We have our own Metagenomics Library that allows us to access an abundance of previously unexplored enzyme sequences. We have sourced our library from diverse environmental localities comprising acid/alkaline. hot/cold, arid, wet, saline etc. This is a unique and valuable resource for enzyme discovery that, combined with our novel bioinformatics platform, can rapidly identify panels of variants of your enzyme that we can synthesise and provide to you for testing.

Are you looking for an enzyme active at a higher than usual pH, have a certain substrate specificity in mind or require optimum activity at an extremely low temperature? Our metagenomic library could hold the answer!

Enzyme samples
Biocatalysts can turn a concept into a reality by delivering a sample of active, soluble enzyme along with a technical summary and specification.
Biocatalysts samples

Having a sample of the enzyme allows you to assess whether the enzyme does what it needs to do in your application. Typically produced from laboratory scale fermentations, this is the first step in designing a fully scalable manufacturing process for your enzyme.

This enzyme sample will be provided with an activity specification. It is also possible to develop a full activity specification if required.

The short timescale on our sample service, ultimately reduces your time to market, allowing for your unique product to be developed and begin delivering profit when you want it.

Next, we partner with you for Development.
Not all projects we undertake begin with the discovery phase. You may already have a strain and enzyme you are looking for a scale-up partner. Our focus in the development phase is on producing the maximum possible enzyme titre, purity and yield.
Fermentation development and optimisation
Now that the enzyme has been shown to perform as expected, the final stage involves making the product fit your commercial requirements.
Biocatalysts Fermentation

As a leading enzyme development and manufacturing company, we believe the best conditions for the process are identified using a combination of “Design of Experiment” and state of the art parallel micro-fermentation technology at 0,5L - 3L fermentation volumes. These conditions are then confirmed on a larger scale up to 70L fermentation volume.

The overall output is a fully scalable, optimised enzyme production process which is designed for routine manufacture. At the end of this stage, the enzyme is ready to be produced at commercial volumes.

Finally, we jointly Scale-up to Manufacture.
The enzyme landscape is complex. We support our customers in ensuring their exclusive enzyme is compliant for their appropriate commercial uses.
Validation, quality control and compliance
The output of our unique enzyme development and manufacturing process is the ability to transition to routine manufacture of the custom enzyme, guaranteeing the exclusive supply of a fully validated and viable enzyme upon request in scheduled time frames required for large commercial scale projects.
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This includes all the benefits of being a Biocatalysts standard enzyme product:

  • Assay and specification development
  • Formulation & stability
  • Supply optimisation
  • Regulatory support
  • Kosher & Halal certification
  • Full compliance & quality control
  • Application support
Routine manufacture
Routine manufacture of your exclusive and commercially viable enzyme product with all the benefits of being a Biocatalysts product.
Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant

As part of our enzyme manufacturing process the enzyme will go through an appropriate pilot scale up to 750L. We have industrial scale fermentation capacity of 2 x 10,000L and full downstream processing including spray- and freeze drying capabilities, to ensure your desired scale is achieved. The output of this stage is a product ready for market entry.

Shutterstock 1009714096
2 Mar 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Nuclease for the growing precision fermentation market
Nuclease 46L has been designed specifically as a cost-effective solution for the elimination of nucleic acids in a wide range of biotechnology applications.
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BRAIN Biotech AG Capital Markets Day 2023 high res
27 Feb 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG to build an international multi-niche enzyme and food ingredients champion
With the enzyme activities of the group focusing on food, beverage and healthcare, combined with BRAIN Biotech's strong scientific roots, the Group are well positioned to service global megatrends from the production of better and healthier foods to sustainable industrialisation.
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BRAIN Biotech Annual Report 21 22 Cover low res KL
16 Jan 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG reports record figures in fiscal year 2021/22
Despite a challenging geopolitical environment, BRAIN Biotech announce strong sales laying the foundations for ongoing future dynamic growth.
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Biocatalysts Certificate logo
18 Nov 2022
Biocatalysts awarded in Top 10 Synthetic Biology Companies 2022 by Life Sciences Review!
We're very pleased to receive this esteemed award from Life Sciences Review in their annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Synthetic Biology solutions and transforming businesses.
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Screenshot 2022 10 19 121503
25 Jul 2022
Precision Fermentation – a bio-based route to alternative protein
Nutrition in industrialised countries will move away from meat and dairy consumption towards alternative sources of protein and foods. These will rely on plants, microorganisms and cell cultures. Biotechnology will be the key enabler. This is where we come in.
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Biocatalysts Ltd 2021 EMP Feed Tanks Copyrighted 2
14 Oct 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd Announce Plans for Further Investment for Second 10m³ Fermenter in Cardiff
The introduction of a second 10m³ fermenter enables Biocatalysts Ltd.’s manufacturing site in Cardiff to act as a pilot plant for medium-scale production and optimised tech-transfer for larger industrial scale fermentation.
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Sugar reduction reduced
Case Study
Novel enzyme used in carbohydrate modification produced in partnership with sugar reduction company.
Working in close partnership we were able to rapidly scale up their process to produce the enzyme at commercial volumes enabling them to reduce the time to market for their unique offering into this exciting fast-moving sector.
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Biocatalysts Ltd 2021 EMP Full Facility
11 Aug 2021
Project Completion & Successful Commissioning of Biocatalysts Ltd's New Enzyme Manufacturing Facility
Operations Director, Craig Galeozzie provides a final update following the successful project completion and commissioning of the new state-or-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility.
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Biocats website Market Sectors
13 May 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd First Commercial Production in New Enzyme Manufacturing Facility
Key milestone achieved with the first product fermented and processed in the state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility is delivered to the customer.
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Strain expression wheel 1
Case Study
Introducing a NEW Expression Host – Yarrowia lipolytica
Expression strain developments increase Biocatalysts' enzyme development and manufacture service offering
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Global Awards FOODDRINK 2020
4 Nov 2020
Winners of Prestigious IChemE Global Food & Drink Award 2020
IChemE have selected Biocatalysts Ltd in partnership with University College London (UCL) as the winners of the prestigious IChemE Global Food & Drink Award 2020, for our submission – Ultra Scale-Down Accelerates Industrial Enzyme Manufacture.
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Biocats website About us 2
Case Study
Partnering with a Global Pharmaceutical Company for Large Scale Enzyme Manufacturing
A large pharmaceutical company needed an enzyme manufacturing partner to develop their enzymes from lab to commercial scales.
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