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Companies looking for unique biochemical conversions in technical and sustainable applications, come to us to scale-up their proprietary enzymes.

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Sustainable industrial biotech solutions
With the drive towards sustainable manufacturing, many industries from large corporations to small enterprises are looking to biotechnology for viable solutions. Enzymatic conversions enable the economic production of specific substrates of many kinds at vast commercial volumes.
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BRAIN Biotech AG Capital Markets Day 2023 high res
27 Feb 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG to build an international multi-niche enzyme and food ingredients champion
With the enzyme activities of the group focusing on food, beverage and healthcare, combined with BRAIN Biotech's strong scientific roots, the Group are well positioned to service global megatrends from the production of better and healthier foods to sustainable industrialisation.
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BRAIN Biotech Annual Report 21 22 Cover low res KL
16 Jan 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG reports record figures in fiscal year 2021/22
Despite a challenging geopolitical environment, BRAIN Biotech announce strong sales laying the foundations for ongoing future dynamic growth.
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Biocatalysts Ltd 2021 EMP Feed Tanks Copyrighted 2
14 Oct 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd Announce Plans for Further Investment for Second 10m³ Fermenter in Cardiff
The introduction of a second 10m³ fermenter enables Biocatalysts Ltd.’s manufacturing site in Cardiff to act as a pilot plant for medium-scale production and optimised tech-transfer for larger industrial scale fermentation.
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Sugar reduction reduced
Case Study
Novel enzyme used in carbohydrate modification produced in partnership with sugar reduction company.
Working in close partnership we were able to rapidly scale up their process to produce the enzyme at commercial volumes enabling them to reduce the time to market for their unique offering into this exciting fast-moving sector.
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Strain expression wheel 1
Case Study
Introducing a NEW Expression Host – Yarrowia lipolytica
Expression strain developments increase Biocatalysts' enzyme development and manufacture service offering
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Global Awards FOODDRINK 2020
4 Nov 2020
Winners of Prestigious IChemE Global Food & Drink Award 2020
IChemE have selected Biocatalysts Ltd in partnership with University College London (UCL) as the winners of the prestigious IChemE Global Food & Drink Award 2020, for our submission – Ultra Scale-Down Accelerates Industrial Enzyme Manufacture.
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Shutterstock 139090622
Application Solution
Versatile Enzyme for Hydrolysis and Esterification Reactions
How lipases from Candid rugosa can be used for the selective hydrolysis of fatty acids to produce flavours and play a key role in rearranging fatty acids in triglycerides.
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Shutterstock 343089470 1
18 Jun 2020
Biocatalysts’ Various Protein Production Hosts for Optimising Expression
At Biocatalysts we are able to offer highly versatile protein production hosts to address our customers’ needs and develop our own novel enzymes.
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29 May 2020
Biocatalysts Ltd Launch New Lipase for the Hydrolysis & Esterification of Oils & Fats
Lipases can be used to selectively hydrolyse triglycerides to liberate free fatty acids, Lipomod® 767P is a robust lipase enzyme that can hydrolyse short, medium and long chain fatty acids at all 3 positions on the triglyceride backbone.
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IMG 20181106 093114569 3
Case Study
Dramatically Improving Enzyme Recovery using Ultra-Scale Down Techniques
Optimisation of downstream processing is just as important as optimising the fermentation process itself to increase the recovery of the enzyme.
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Biocats website Productionhall 3
Case Study
Rapid Technology Transfer for Large Scale Fermentation
A chemical manufacturer needed an alternative partner to manufacture their enzyme. The transition to the new facility needed to happen rapidly due to an unforeseen change in circumstances.
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Queens Award
23 Apr 2019
Winners of Prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation
This prestigious award is in recognition of Biocatalysts’ drive and enlightened approach to providing the best enzyme solutions to their customers, through development of a bespoke software system MetXtra™, capable of screening millions of sequences to identify new enzymes in just a few hours.
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Biocatalysts Fermentation
Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant

Customized Enzyme Development & Manufacture

Biocatalysts helps many clients at various stages of enzyme discovery, product-development, scale-up, and supply, for applications in a wide range of industrial biotech processes, such as novel carbohydrate- and lipid modifications. We have built a standalone business model specifically to support this approach, leveraging our short response times, our history in commercialising novel enzymes, and our lab-to-plant manufacturing scales. This minimises risk when commercialising enzymes for industrial biotech applications, and ensures we can support existing R&D and campaign projects seamlessly.

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