Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant
Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant


Delivering taste, texture and functionality is what we are known for by food processors in multiple sectors. We are specialists in Dairy-, Egg-, Protein-, Carbohydrate- and Lipid modifications.

Enzyme brands that deliver
DEPOL®, LIPOMOD®, PROMOD® and FLAVORPRO® tailored enzyme formulations are used as processing aids that provide superior value for positioning final food products. We offer customised Microbial Precision Fermentation services, addressing the latest trends in food processing to manufacture enzymes, proteins and other value-added food ingredients.
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2 Mar 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Nuclease for the growing precision fermentation market
Nuclease 46L has been designed specifically as a cost-effective solution for the elimination of nucleic acids in a wide range of biotechnology applications.
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BRAIN Biotech AG Capital Markets Day 2023 high res
27 Feb 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG to build an international multi-niche enzyme and food ingredients champion
With the enzyme activities of the group focusing on food, beverage and healthcare, combined with BRAIN Biotech's strong scientific roots, the Group are well positioned to service global megatrends from the production of better and healthier foods to sustainable industrialisation.
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BRAIN Biotech Annual Report 21 22 Cover low res KL
16 Jan 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG reports record figures in fiscal year 2021/22
Despite a challenging geopolitical environment, BRAIN Biotech announce strong sales laying the foundations for ongoing future dynamic growth.
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13371 Biocats 10 3 11 00062 Mayonnaise Egg
Application Solution
Improving Emulsifying Properties of Eggs
Eggs are a valuable food source providing a natural source of many nutrients including high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, that are essential for healthy body growth and development.
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Application Solution
Enzymes for Superior Palatability of Pet Food
Combinations of proteases and lipases can be used to hydrolyse meat by-products and plant-based proteins to produce palatants. Palatants are flavours specifically produced by enzymically breaking down animal fats and proteins to give a sensory boost to pet food.
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25 Jul 2022
Precision Fermentation – a bio-based route to alternative protein
Nutrition in industrialised countries will move away from meat and dairy consumption towards alternative sources of protein and foods. These will rely on plants, microorganisms and cell cultures. Biotechnology will be the key enabler. This is where we come in.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes for Improving Foaming Properties of Egg Whites
The main functional property of egg white is its high foaming capacity useful in a wide range of food applications.
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28 Mar 2022
The Future of Pet Food Ingredients
Like the food industry, the pet food industry is undergoing significant investment and innovation. But what is driving change in the pet food industry?
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14 Dec 2021
How is Precision Fermentation Accelerating Food Innovation?
Microbial- or precision fermentation is a technology that has been widely used in different industries for decades. It is known to be very scalable using different microbes to produce ingredients at large volumes.
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9 Dec 2021
How Enzymes Can Add Value To Your Food Waste By-Products
With consumers changing attitude towards sustainability, a growing understanding of the impact manufacturing has on the environment and climate change businesses are reacting and are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint.
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29 Nov 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Protease Preparation for the Valorisation of Animal Waste Protein
Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme, Promod® 324L, extending their range of enzymes for the pet food industry.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes for Dairy Flavour Enhancement
Enzymes have been used for centuries to produce flavour in dairy products. Traditionally flavour is generated by enzymes produced from microflora present in cheese, butter, or cream and time is required for these complex flavours to evolve. In more recent times the addition of exogenous (external source) enzymes to immature cheese, butter oil or cream has been used to speed this process up intensifying the flavour in hours and days instead of weeks and months.
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Related Products
Amylase 11MDP
Rapid diges­tion of starch designed for use in dietary sup­ple­ment formulations.
Download Data Sheet Request a Sample
Catalase 929L
Removal of hydro­gen per­ox­ide used as a pro­cess­ing step to assist ster­il­i­sa­tion of food ingredients.
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Depol 333MDP
A high­ly active xylanase for the diges­tion of sol­u­ble and insol­u­ble xylans suit­able for tablet­ing or cap­su­la­tion for dietary supplements.
Download Data Sheet Request a Sample
Depol 40L
A broad-spec­trum endo-car­bo­hy­drase for use in effec­tive mac­er­a­tion of botan­i­cal tis­sue for the effi­cient extrac­tion of active flavours from their bound inac­tive forms.
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Depol 761P
Spe­cialised car­bo­hy­drase with no detectable side activ­i­ties ide­al for use in sol­u­ble fibre extraction.
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Depol 793L
A mul­ti-func­tion­al enzyme con­tain­ing beta-glu­canase, pecti­nase and cel­lu­lase activ­i­ties to deliv­er max­i­mum mac­er­a­tion of plant tis­sues for a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent applications.
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Flavorpro 373MDP
Micro­bial endo­pro­tease prepa­ra­tion con­tain­ing a high lev­el of glu­t­a­m­i­nase side activ­i­ty for savoury uma­mi flavour gen­er­a­tion and improved pro­tein sol­u­bil­i­ty and digestibility.
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Flavorpro 750MDP
An exopep­ti­dase prepa­ra­tion suit­able for hydrol­y­sis of plant, ani­mal and dairy pro­teins to pro­duce non-bit­ter pro­tein hydrolysates.
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