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Protein Modification

PROMOD® and FLAVORPRO® speciality enzymes provide value-added solutions for the modification of plant and animal-derived proteins in a range of food and pet nutrition applications.

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PROMOD® and FLAVORPRO® protein valorisation
Protein hydrolysis is conducted in many industries for a range of applications. Whether it is to produce products for sports nutrition, the aging populations, infants, or pet food, protein fortification is a hot topic. By using one of our off-the-shelf enzymes or a customised enzyme unique to you, you can differentiate your product.
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Application Solution
Enzymes for Superior Palatability of Pet Food
Combinations of proteases and lipases can be used to hydrolyse meat by-products and plant-based proteins to produce palatants. Palatants are flavours specifically produced by enzymically breaking down animal fats and proteins to give a sensory boost to pet food.
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28 Mar 2022
The Future of Pet Food Ingredients
Like the food industry, the pet food industry is undergoing significant investment and innovation. But what is driving change in the pet food industry?
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9 Dec 2021
How Enzymes Can Add Value To Your Food Waste By-Products
With consumers changing attitude towards sustainability, a growing understanding of the impact manufacturing has on the environment and climate change businesses are reacting and are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint.
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29 Nov 2021
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Protease Preparation for the Valorisation of Animal Waste Protein
Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme, Promod® 324L, extending their range of enzymes for the pet food industry.
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11 Jun 2021
From Vegetarian for a Day to a True Vegan Lifestyle
Dr Patrick Lorenz, Senior Business Development Manager at BRAIN AG, provides his insights into a market innovating to cater for diverse dietary preferences.
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16 Dec 2020
Microbial Alternative to Papain Launched for Pet Food Market
Microbial alternative to papain with a broad substrate specificity for efficient hydrolysis of meat and fish protein for pet food palatant production.
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10 Dec 2020
What's Driving the Trend in the Evolution of Plant-Based Food Products?
European Sales Manager, Blanca Camarasa shares her thoughts and learnings from attending Bridge2Foods Plant-Based Summit
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6 Apr 2020
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Microbial Alternative to Pancreatic Lipase for Pet Food Market
The latest addition to Biocatalysts range of microbial enzymes for savoury flavour generation for pet food ingredient production.
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27 Jan 2020
Challenges of Plant Proteins in Replacing Animal Proteins
Proteins form a significant part of ingredients used in the food industry. Plant proteins are an obvious choice as substitutes to meat, egg, gelatine and milk are not easy however they do come with their challenges.
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Plant protein
Application Solution
Superior Benefits of Enzymes in the Production of Plant Protein Hydrolysates
Protease enzymes can be used to modify flavour, improve solubility and reduce the molecular weight of different types of plant proteins including wheat gluten, pea, potato to increase their versatility as an ingredient in food products.
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Flavorpro 373MDP
Micro­bial endo­pro­tease prepa­ra­tion con­tain­ing a high lev­el of glu­t­a­m­i­nase side activ­i­ty for savoury uma­mi flavour gen­er­a­tion and improved pro­tein sol­u­bil­i­ty and digestibility.
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Flavorpro 750MDP
An exopep­ti­dase prepa­ra­tion suit­able for hydrol­y­sis of plant, ani­mal and dairy pro­teins to pro­duce non-bit­ter pro­tein hydrolysates.
Download Data Sheet Request a Sample
Flavorpro 766MDP
A unique blend of pro­te­olyt­ic activ­i­ties for achiev­ing a high degree of hydrol­y­sis for improv­ing the func­tion­al­i­ty and digestibil­i­ty of ani­mal and dairy proteins.
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Flavorpro 795MDP
Endopep­ti­dase, exopep­ti­dase and glu­t­a­m­i­nase activ­i­ties for the hydrol­y­sis of wheat and soya to improve pro­tein sol­u­bil­i­ty and digestibil­i­ty and the enhance­ment of savoury flavour profiles.
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Flavorpro 848MDP
A micro­bial 5’-Phosphodiesterase for effi­cient hydrol­y­sis of RNA from dif­fer­ent types of yeast to improve the flavour of yeast extracts.
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Flavorpro 937MDP
A fun­gal exopep­ti­dase prepa­ra­tion suit­able for the hydrol­y­sis of dairy, ani­mal and plant pro­tein sub­strates, used to decrease hydrolysate bit­ter­ness and pro­mote pos­i­tive flavour generation.
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Flavorpro 954MDP
A micro­bial deam­i­nase for the con­ver­sion of 5’Adenosine monophos­phate into the strong flavour enhancer inosinic acid for the pro­duc­tion of nucleotide rich yeast extracts.
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Flavorpro Umami 852MDP
Micro­bial pro­tease prepa­ra­tion for the high release of glu­tam­ic acid from dairy, meat and plant pro­tein sources to pro­duce a strong uma­mi flavour.
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