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Production Strains

High performance production strains with scalability in mind

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Commercially driven science
With a range of powerful expression platforms, we have the ability and expertise to rapidly take process from small scale to 10,000L in a single scale up service and ongoing product supply up to 63,000L scale using both bacterial and yeast expression strains.

Production Strain Portfolio

(e.X) e.Xtra

Reliable high yielding E.coli process with high purity downstream processing

E Xtra

(b.X) b.Xtra

Bacillus Subtilis process with high yield and shortened processing time

B Xtra

(p.X) p.Xtra

Methanol induced Pichia Pastoris process with low process losses in downstream processing

P Xtra

The USPs of our Production Strains:

  • Ability to modify fermentation and downstream processing with provide additional heat treatment or purification steps
  • Ability to supply liquid or powder product (Freeze Dried or Spray Dried)
  • Technical Transfer of custom strains possible

Enzyme Development Suite:

Desk Based Feasibility

Metagenomics & Bioinformatics

Gene Synthesis & Cloning

Protein Expression & Analysis

Mini Bioreactors

6 x 3 L Fermentations & DSP

Research Grade Sample Provision

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