Kulturplatte nach Genome Editing mit BEC high res
Kulturplatte nach Genome Editing mit BEC high res

Strain Development

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It all starts with the strain
In fermentation, the expression strain means everything. Whether you're looking to identify a suitable microbial strain for your application or to optimise a microbe already in use, our expertise and know-how in discovering and optimising microbial strains can develop a solution fit for your project.

Fermentation as a scalable technology starts with the microorganism hosts that act as factories in which cells are capable of producing very precise ingredients through very rapid duplication. Fermenting proteins requires the synergy between protein of interest and microorganism strain. Different proteins, and even different classes of enzymes are known to be better suited to specific microorganisms. To achieve optimum fermentation expression of the protein, genetic engineering or evolutionary optimisation methods can be explored to best reach target strain productivity.

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For the production of enzymes and proteins, we access prokaryotic host organisms (including Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas stutzeri, Streptomyces lividans and Corynebacterium glutamicum) and eukaryotic host organisms (including Pichia pastoris, Kluyveromyces lactis and Aspergillus niger). For the expression of a gene of interest, the gene can be inserted into an expression host via BRAIN’s engineered Cas nuclease BEC or classical methods utilizing different auxotrophic and antibiotic selection markers.

Our USPs in microbial strain development:

  • Own bioarchive with thousands of microorganisms
  • Application-specific microbial toolboxes of value-added strains with defined properties
  • Long-standing experience in strain development working on many types of producer strains
  • Broad application knowledge in different industries
  • Strong knowledge in the development of starter cultures, probiotics and functional biomass
  • Comprehensive technology package of microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, assay development, analytics, protein engineering and bioprocess development
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